Where Have I Been? Arting it Up!

I have neglected my blog the past 10 days and not just because of our American Thanksgiving holiday — I have been having hot flashes of creativity. My writing cave has become an art studio lately with me in the grip of collage fever.

Sometimes people ask if my art is for sale. I have sold a few pieces over the years, but it’s usually by happenstance. Like many creative people, I am more interested in the creative process than in attempts at marketing.
I started doing collage art about 5 years ago. Slowly but surely my own style and preferred techniques and colors have emerged so that many of the cards and walk hangings I make receive complements.



It is a constant struggle for me with creative endeavors and time management. Heaven for me is going to be a timeless place for creativity in the company of friends, family and the Creator!


Making art is good for my soul, though I do miss the camaraderie of blogging. Why can’t I manage to do it all and have it all?! Anyone know the secret to that?


What about you? Creating collage art is good for my soul. What’s good for yours?


Where Have I Been? Arting it Up! — 3 Comments

  1. I love creating an dI have my own room for creativity and reflection. Something in the child comes alive when I use glitter! It’s the small things in life that count!

  2. Clouds. Being with friends. Silence. Lifting the burdens off my shoulders for a while. Mathematics. Music. Writing. Stories. My husband. My little one’s laugh. What a blessing to have a child who wakes up smiling every morning! If I could bottle it, I’d be a millionaire… knowing that money isn’t the meaning of life is also good for the soul. Being kind, serving others is balm to my soul. God’s always back-to-front about how His kingdom works.

    • @Sandy, love how you describe what is good for your soul. Your child’s laugh, clouds… Serving others balm for your soul. So good. Doing art feels like prayer to me sometimes. There is a meditative quality to soon art, a quieting of the chatter and a loosening of the grip. The sweet spot of surrender is where I soar when making art. Free to express, uncensored and uninhibited.

      Thanks for popping by. Always good to see your lovely self meandering the blog!

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