1000 Unladylike Books

Unladylike available on Amazon

I know I’ve been offline a while– Christmas, art fever and Life– but I just has to get the word out you about Unladylike.


The print copy is now available for only $8.99! We’ve been wanting to offer the Kindle version for 50% off, but for some mysterious reason, we cannot get Amazon to reset the price. I will keep you posted about that.

As an indy writer, I work hard spreading the word about Unladylike, my first book whose message is to challenge the unequal treatment of women in the world of church. I have enjoyed great reviews and wonderful emails from readers around the world on almost a weekly basis. Unladylike is finding her way despite the lack of Big Publisher clout and distribution. For this I am SO PROUD and grateful!

People often ask me, “How many have you sold?” I have felt shy about saying when I know quite a few authors who have sold thousands of books through traditional channels. As an independent, I am no where near their sales marks.

I read a statistic that claims over 1500 books are published in the US everyday, many of them self published. The average of sales for a self-pub book is less than 100.

Unladylike, which has been published through what is known as assisted self-publishing, is getting close to 1000 sales in just one year. For an unknown author whose book has no national distributor, this is SO GOOD!

Unladylike has been promoted through sheer word of mouth. I tweet, blog and Facebook about it and then my amazing readers pass it on. That is how my obscure book is selling close to ten times the average of other Indy published books!

As of today, Unladylike sales hover around 720.

I want to tip over that 1000 mark.

With your help, we can get Unladylike to more readers. I cannot do it alone.

This is not a money making pitch for me. Like most indy writers, I’ll be keeping my day job for a while! :)

So pick up a copy of Unladylike. Pick up two since she is on sale through December. Better yet, help me spread the word that she’s on sale this month. Together we can tip Unladylike over 1000 sales!


What goals do you have that I can help you with? Give a holler!!


1000 Unladylike Books — 14 Comments

  1. Pam, I just ordered 5 copies to give to the Board members of Synergy Women’s Network. We are with you. Yes, about phones. They say everything is moving to mobile, but I don’t know how I will blog on my phone, no matter how smart it is. Judy

    • @JDDOUG, Thank you so much for your purchase ! Glad you could take advantage of the savings AND gift the board. I am honored! If you want any kind of follow up like a Skype book discussion or Listening Party, just shoot me an email.

      I so appreciate ALL that you are doing for women !

  2. Just found your blog through Burnside–I’m hooked. Can’t wait to read your book (after I locate my glasses, that is). This is such an important topic, way too long ignored. I so appreciate your humor and candor. It usually takes the quirky ones among our ranks to point out the emperor’s nudity–thank you for your quirky courage, Pam!

    • @Willow, Welcome to my blog ! Thanks for following over from Burnside. I love writing for them!

      So good to meet another woman who is dedicated to equality in the church we love. I truly am convinced that the holy winds of change are gusting up.

      I hope you’ll become a regular reader here. You can subscribe by email or with your fave reader… Just follow the Join link in the front page. Hope to hear more from you!

  3. I bought your kindle version on Amazon a few weeks ago. However, I have yet to read it, life is too crazy. But at least it’s in my pocket!

    • @Susan, thank you so much !! I appreciate it and yeah, December is not the best time for reading. Not until after the 25th at least! I hope it will resonate deeply with you when you get a chance to read her. And yes, I gave my book a gender, female of course !

  4. Hello Pam. I have your book on my bedside table. I will begin reading, and write a review on my blog when I’m done. I’m very lazy about reading books atm. The only kind I’m getting through are audiobooks. This may in part be due to my forgetfulness on the location of my glasses. Maybe I should just embrace middle age and get a cord to go round my neck.

    • @Sandy, this made me laugh ! I am always trumping about the house muttering, Where are my glasses?!

      My solution was to buy more glasses. If i used a cord, I’d probably strangle myself in accident! (Zenni optical makes buying glasses online so affordable, btw)

      Thanks for getting a copy. So cool to think about my book on your bedside table! Wish I had an audio version for you!!!

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