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My blog has been quiet for weeks. Work. Art. The holidays. Life. Blogging kept getting pushed further back on my to-do list.

In the absence of blogging I have rediscovered the art of journaling. I have journaled volumes from the time I was a teenager. Since the onset of the digital revolution, I have journaled little. Instead, I have blogged, which has given me a wonderful outlet for writing as well as connecting with others, something my journal has never been able to provide.

Writing is a solitary experience. Blogging helps take the edge off the isolation. And yet the public nature of blogging means I am creating content with an audience in mind.

Journaling is a private transaction. It is much more raw and uncensored. When I journal I do not hold back as I do (and must) when I blog. I do not edit. It is streams of consciousness writing. Whatever bleeds from the ink onto the page is bleeding out of Me.

There are physical aspects to writing with paper and pen that the screen and keyboard cannot mimic. The blots of ink on my fingers, the cool flatness of the paper as my hand glides down the page, the sound of the scratch as I turn something from nothing…Writing is magic.

I have missed my blog because I have missed You. There are no reader comments for my journal. When I close it and place it back on the shelf, it remains there, my thoughts captured like clouds in a jar and no one else will see the rain that’s come down upon those pages. Journaling is a ritual for solitaires.

Like much of my creative process, there is conflict. I struggle in remembering why I blog. I have been on the verge of blog suicide several times over the years, and This is Not That. I do not wish my blogging voice to die.

As I journal and think more about my writing struggles, I realize something that other writers before me have spoken of : The need to write for Me no matter the medium.

I think 2013 is meant to be the year of ink for me. Ink for my journaling — and blogging like I’m writing with ink for the digital hemisphere.

I’m not sure where uncensored blogging will take me. I may likely lose some readers as I jump into the wild river of unknowing. It is likely that I will blog less about topics on church and women’s equality. I will probably blog very little on spiritual themes as these are familiar territory for me. I am lusting for the wild lands. I need to let my blog become a quest and just journey on, leaving the safe meadows behind.

Journaling has given me a few expeditions into uncharted thought trails. As a writer — and a blogger! — I must follow where the words flow and stop damming them up out of inhibition. Blog gurus say to write what your readers want, to pay attention to your demographic and stay in the sweet spot. I can’t be caged like that.

I concerned myself lately with “taking my blog to the “next level. ” (whatever that means!) 2013 is going be my year of Ink.

Thank your readers and the critics who praise you, and then ignore them. Write for the most intelligent, wittiest, wisest audience in the universe: Write to please yourself. -Harlan Ellison


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  1. I am so with you on the love of pen-and-ink writing. Even as I’m working on my novels, I *must* handwrite it first; I don’t trust myself or my computet enough for that to be my sole means of expression. The tactile nature of my notebook fuels my creative nature. :)

    Looking forward to your uncensored blogging. :)

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