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i'm backYES, I am still alive and kicking and am re-entering cyberspace with a spruced-up website and new direction for my blog. Curious? Read on!

It is has been exactly one day shy of a year since my last blogpost. I had wondered if it was time to put my vintage (ahem, outdated) website out to pasture. It has been a good run. I started blogging around 2006.Seriously, ten years ago!Β And while I’m no problogger or blogging-writer-rockstar, I do enjoy the self-expression blogging allows everyday women like me.


And I am back with a broadened perspective and new experiences that will take my blog to new places. Expect to see posts about art and the creative process, identity and how everything shapes us. You will see candid writings about my struggles with relationships and how I am an expert at social insecurity.

You can also expect to see shout-outs for other blogs and creative sites I have been discovering, as well as occasional book reviews. And yes, I will also write a smattering here and there about how my Christian spirituality has devolved to being barely recognizable starting with a post about How I’m Sorta Kinda Still a Christian But Really Not in the next couple weeks.

I realize that some readers may rather unsubscribe and move on despite the tempting blog parties and UNSUBgiveaways I’m planning. Click the Unsubscribe image to make your graceful exit from my subscriber list… and if you do leave, Thanks so much for letting me come around for as long as you did !!! Come back and visit some time!

If you are a new reader who wants to join the party, just click HERE to add your email to my subscriber list and you won’t miss a thing!

To celebrate my relaunch I will send three readers a free 8×10 high-quality Β digital print of one of my original pieces of art. (take a look-see at my Art Page for a glimpse of what kind of art I’m talking about!) Just leave a comment to to let me know you’re here and on SUNDAY, Feb 21, I will draw three names.

I have spent weeks gussying up my digital space. Come take a look, poke around, make suggestions if you like and by all means, take off your shoes and stay awhile. We have a lot to catch up on!

So good to be back! Remember to leave a comment at my blog for a chance to win some cool free art.

Let’s do this!






I am Back (and I’m giving away ART to Celebrate!) — 66 Comments

    • Thanks Kim. SO good to be back and with a different attitude, perspective and goal about blogging this time. I am excited to share my art and creative processes as well as honest memoiresque posts about living the life that I am gifted to live. Expect to see me dropping by your place again. Missed you!

  1. *********** WINNERS ***********

    I used the online tool, Random Picker, to help pick my three art winners. Drum roll please…….

    And the winners are :

    1. TAMI

    2. NIKKI

    3. ELLE

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Please send me your mailing address to pamhogeweide@gmail(dot)com I will pop them in the mail this week.

    THANKS everyone who showed up and welcomed me back to the blogosphere! There will be more giveaways (they’re fun, right?!!) as we hang out via the interweb. I so appreciate the opportunity to reunite with former readers and to begin connecting to new readers. This is why the internet exists : to bring people together !

    Have a wonderful week!!!

    (here’s the link to Random Picker for a list of the participants and winners https://www.randompicker.com/Project/Public/Protocol.aspx?Key=284762×34746

  2. Hi Pam,
    Glad you are back. I signed up for your blog right before you stopped blogging. I found you during the first KRR collage ecourse. I am looking forward to seeing what you post. Sounds like it will be awesomeness!
    I am currently doing the KRR spirit wings course.

    • Hi Anne, my creative soul sister from the KRR group! Thanks so much for subscribing…. yes, my son’s cancer and also my demanding job knocked me out of the blogosphere for a long while ( I thought maybe even for good) but nope, here I be, coming back like a spring crocus that won’t let winter keep me down! I appreciate you coming along and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and insights as I delve into new topics, especially creativity. It’s gonna be good!!!

  3. Pam…I am so glad you are “back.” You create space and opportunity for people to explore and process what is happening in their own lives and to see more clearly other avenues. Your site looks great!

    • Hi Carol!
      Thanks so much for your encouraging and affirming words. I sure hope I can continue to do that! I look forward to seeing your name pop up in the comments as I begin blogging on some new topics. Love hearing your thoughts and insights…thanks for the warm welcome back πŸ™‚

  4. I will always follow you Pam! Distance and time makes it hard for us to connect in person, but you have been instrumental in my life and I will love you forever!

    • Hi Clarita, one of my longest time friends back from high school days! Yes, time and distance do get in the way, though always grateful that we somehow manage to stay in touch despite the obstacles. I love you too and HOPE HOPE HOPE to see you somehow this year. Thanks for helping celebrate my relaunch of my blog. Love you and miss you!

    • Hi Jennifer, I love that you love this one. I made it the night before we were to find out how Jeremy was responding to treatment and whether or not they would call it good or if he would need another three months. It was scary as he was starting to get very sick and the thought of only being halfway across the wilderness of Cancerland was overwhelming. So I stayed up late, the house quiet, and I cried and prayed as I made this piece of art with the words of Jesus ringing in my heart : Fear Not. It remains one of my favorite collage pieces.

      Thanks for commenting! Hope you and your family are well!

  5. Pam, I am a Spirit Wing Sister! I just read your FB posting and admire how you are transforming yourself. Your new website is fun and creative. I’ve signed up to follow you so that you can inspire me! Smiles πŸ™‚

    • Hi Peggy!
      Thx so much for coming by and for subscribing… Yay ! THIS is why I blog, write and make art : to make a connection with people like you. I look fwd to seeing you in the FB art class and HERE. I’m so grateful for new digital friends, especially other artists πŸ™‚

    • Kim !!!!! So awesome to see your familiar name ! Do you know my budding singer daughter Rose ADORES you and your music ?!
      And yes, you’re entered the drawing… Fingers crossed for luck!

    • The 21st is your bday ? Happy bday Debra !!!!! Thanks so much for staying with me. It is so good to reconnect to familiar readers (and meet new ones!)

      Hope your bday is extra special. Fingers crossed you win !!!!

    • Hello Olga!! I had hoped to see you face to face by now and meet your sweet little one (still must!) though it is so good to see you here. I was just thinking about you a few days ago.

      I hope to see you share thoughts to my posts as you have wisdom beyond your years that has inspired me many times.

      But I def want an in-person visit as soon as crazy sched allows. Say hey to Michael for me !

    • Aaron! I have seen you tiptoeing back into the blogging waters. You’re not done yet, either. I hope we can collaborate on something this year. Think on it. Thanks for the welcome back πŸ™‚

    • Well HELLO THERE and YAY YOU for coming out of the lurking shadows (though lurking is always, always encouraged, I love my lurkers, and I lurk myself at quite a few sites.) So glad you stepped out of the shadows to help celebrate my blog relaunch. Fingers crossed you win a print!!

  6. (oops… I meant to send the actual link not just the pin)

    I hope you get a chance to read it..but if nothing else, I liked this “One of the biggest misconceptions about the outside is that it is a dark place; that there is a coldness and heaviness and sadness here. I used to believe that when I was on the inside, but in truth it was more wishful thinking. I needed to believe that because it helped reinforce my story that I was one of the few enlightened and they among the masses lost in shadow. It made it far easier to assume a posture of moral superiority that way and to subjugate my own nagging soul questions. All I can tell you is that there is brilliant light here. There is laughter and discovery and warmth and community and goodness and graceβ€”and God.”
    grace ~ mm

    • Mary Margaret !! Wow, what a great quote. I DEF will read his essay, I recognize his name and may have read his stuff in the past during my faith-driven blogging days. I would not be surprised if i end up quoting him when I write my Sorta Kinda XTian post. I appreciate this link so much.

      I look forward to hearing more from you !

  7. So glad you’re back! I have also been on a flip-my-freakin’-life-upside-down journey this past year (in particular) and just recently lovingly packed away my little “BE BRAVE”
    art that came to me through you. Have also deconstructed my faith-mobile and am relearning Truth and Love …even though would now be considered an Outsider. Check this out….

    • Hi Tami! SO good to see you here. I hope your new home and geography is treating you and the family well. Glad we can stay in touch through cyberspace. And thanks so much for staying interested in my humble little blog and especially now that I will be focusing more on art and creativity … YOU were my very first Etsy customer when I made my first clumsy go at it. Remember ? Always grateful for you!

    • Hi Pam (love your name πŸ™‚ )
      Thanks so much for the welcome. Yes, saying what’s on my mind and heart is definitely in keeping with my true inner woman. I look forward to getting to know your True Inner Woman in the convos that happen in the comments, which btw, super appreciate that you have subscribed. You are my first confirmed subscriber with my new launch. Awesomeness !

      And I have subscribed to your blog as well. I look forward to learning from you and seeing your art!

    • Hi Melissa, YES I am back! And YES, the entire family is doing well. I intend to blog more openly about my family as they are the greatest teachers in my life.

      Thanks for kind words about my collage art. I will be posting photos and stories about how I get inspired to make what I do on my new updated blog and also introduce folks to other artists I have met and who inspire me. I resonate so deeply with creative women.

      Thanks again for staying with me!

  8. Hi Pam!
    So nice to have you back blogging agaib.
    I look forward to reading your future posts and hearing more about how your life has been.
    So happy to hear of Jeremy’s recovery!

    Took a look at your collages and all can say is WOW! They’re all so beautiful.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Valerie!
      Thanks so much for staying on the blog journey with me! There is much to catch up on. And thanks for celebrating JEremy’s health with me (double yay!) and for your generous words about my art. It has been a surprise to stumble into mixed-media collage art as a middle-aged woman. But it’s never too late, right ?! (secret dream : help other women discover the joy of making collage art.)

      I look forward to seeing you in the comments <3

  9. Pam,

    I, too, am excited that you are back. I look forward to hearing about the changes. I left the church 3 1/2 years ago. I haven’t fugured out exactly what I am now, but i am not a Christian. Your ” sorta kinda” description is intriguing.


    • HI Kelli
      Oh it will be especially good to know more about that when I get that post written. It has been germinating in me for a long time… I will have to write it to know what’s going on in my heart about it all. Thanks so much for staying with me !

    • WILLOW !!!!!!!!! Thanks for your generous words! I have worked on refurbishing this site for weeks as time allowed. It is a time-consuming task for me since I am kinda slow when it comes to all-things-technical. But here we are and here You are and THIS IS WHY I WORKED SO HARD ON IT, for it is a space where I get to connect to kindred women like yourself. Seriously !! Thanks so much for being a part of my (digital) life! Maybe one day we will meet face to face πŸ™‚

    • LOL….. unladylikeishness GREAT WORD ! I have been brewing about writing that post for weeks. I’ve had the title for over a year…. and hey, I just subscribed to your blog. Had I not done that before ??! LOVE your photography. May have to ask to borrow an image every now and then from you.

      I look forward to convos with you in the comments!

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