About Pam

I started blogging and writing in 2004. For most of these years I have written about issues of faith and progressive Christian spirituality.  I have been published numerous times in both digital and print publications (You can view a list highlighting some of my writing credits HERE)resized3

My first book came out in 2012. Unladylike: Resisting the Injustice of Inequality in the Church is a nonfiction work that challenges contemporary followers of Christ to disengage from the rampant sexism that is accepted as normal in churches across America.

Though I have written for years about my faith and developed a reputation for provocative, thoughtful articles that tested the boundaries of mainstream Christian thought, I turned a corner in my writing direction in 2013 and began to explore new subjects.  This is how I stumbled into my latest book project, a memoiresque attempt at describing what my job as a patient food server in a metropolitan hospital was like. The working title is, Food Lady: What I Learned about Life Working in a Hospital. I will be self-publishing this book in  2014. Stay tuned!

One of the things I have begun to write more about is the working life. Almost everyone I know works full-time in a job where they have to clock in and wear a uniform. I have become intrigued  that  there is so little written  from the point of view of the worker.  It has become a new theme to sink my writing teeth into as a blogger.

I also write often on themes of identity, meaning and purpose from the perspective of an everyday woman. Not all of us have higher callings or glamorous job descriptions that set us apart from the rest of the pack. Where do we find meaning for our lives when we’re the average working, everyday person? This is something I am writing often about, in part as my own personal quest, and also with a genuine desire to encourage the invisible working class that their lives are worthy and noble and their stories compelling and needed.

writing is my calling

More about me: I grew up in Vegas, lived in Hong Kong and have traveled around Southeast Asia during my missionary years when I was in my twenties.

I did not go to college, but I read a lot and consider myself a self-educated woman. In another life I would have been a journalist and a writing teacher.

In my life I have worked as a fast food worker, carnival worker (that lasted only 72 hours!), I have worked in a hotel on the Las Vegas strip, I’ve waitressed, worked daycare, been a sales cashier and a grocery checker, and was a professional cleaning woman running my own cleaning service for eight years. I recently worked as a patient food server for three years in a large urban hospital before arriving to my latest and what I believe to be the last job of my working life: production worker at a Nabisco bakery plant where cookies and crackers are made. When I’m off the clock, I keep up my writing through blogging and book projects. Even though writing has not become my living, and likely never will–and I am so ok with that!– it is still my calling.

I write from Portland, Oregon where I have lived since 1995. I am married to Jerry and together we have two teenagers. I collect tattoos and in my spare time make collage art. I do not have any pets since I really can’t be trusted to take care of another living thing. I don’t even own a  house plant.



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