pamI am a writer and also a mixed-media collage artist. I have had many articles published over the last ten years, and have been making and selling my art for the last five.  Collage art has become for me one of the most soul-enriching ways to express myself. It’s a very forgiving art, allowing me to be bold and follow my curiosities whenever I sit down before a blank canvas. I love the freedom of mixed-media collage art,  the colliding of colors, images and words that layer together creating  something cohesive and meaningful.

I  make art from my home in Portland, Oregon, USA, where I have lived for over twenty years with my husband, Jerry, and our two children (who are now all grown up!)  Portland

I currently work full-time as a production mixer at a Nabisco factory. I have also worked as a patient food server in a hospital, operated my own cleaning business for almost a decade, and once upon a long time ago, I worked in a casino on the glitzy Las Vegas Strip. 

When I’m not working or making collage art,  I enjoy getting outdoors in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest where we have raised our family. I adore old growth mossy forests and the wild rivers that traverse my beloved Oregon. 

In recent years, my art has become available for show in local eateries and coffee bars. I have also happycirclecompleted several commissioned pieces. I am overjoyed that my art can be found in several countries including India, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and the UK.

My life is like collage art, layered with all kinds of experiences. I was born in Germany in a military family. My family returned to the States when  I was little. My early childhood years were spent in Louisiana, which explains my love of Southern food to this day! We later moved to Las Vegas which I consider  my hometown. I left for Hong Kong in my early twenties and spent seven years living in the Pearl of the Orient. I have traveled to Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, China and Mexico.  My life, like my art, is a collision of cross-cultural experiences.

Collage Art by Pam Hogeweide

Collage Art by Pam Hogeweide

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