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"This book demolishes the stain glass window enshrining Christianized patriarchy." Mimi Haddad, President of Christians for Biblical Equality

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I’ve been a writer for nearly a decade. Like most writers, I dreamed of the day when I would write my first book. Trouble was, I could never settle on what to write about. I’d kick ideas around until I kicked the life out of them.
Through a series of personal events, I found myself blogging more frequently about the inequality of women in the contemporary church. I soon realized a pattern: comments would spike up as people tossed opinions and Bible verses around in support or rejection of my egalitarian views. The issue of women and equal treatment in the church was clearly a hot button topic with passions running high from all sides.
It finally gelled for me. I knew I had enough fire in my bones to commit to writing about the injustice of inequality of women in the church.